Orexo has purchased the exclusive US rights to commercialise GAIA’s deprexi digital therapy, which is designed to help patients manage depression symptoms.

The deprexis is a fully automated digital therapy, which is developed by GAIA using broca artificial intelligence (AI)-expert system.

According to the company, deprexis offers the user with tailored therapeutic support by simulating effective, up-to-date and personalised cognitive behavioral therapy interventions

GAIA CEO and founder Dr Mario Weiss said: “With Orexo we now have the right partner in the US to offer a digital depression treatment, with significant clinical data to support its use. Providers, payors and employers will soon be able to support the ones in need with this top-of-class solution.”

As per terms of the deal, GAIA will secure an upfront payment and royalties based on net sales from 1January 2022.

The deprexis digital therapy is expected to be launched in the US during this summer

The deprexis, which has already been classified by the FDA, is expected to be launched in the US during the summer this year.

The latest deal is said to follow two previous agreements with GAIA, which allowed Orexo to purchase the exclusive US commercial rights to vorvida and the exclusive global commercial rights to OXD01.

The vorvida has been scientifically demonstrated to minimise risky drinking patterns in adults with alcohol use disorder (AUD), while the OXD01is a new digital therapy being developed to treat opioid use disorder (OUD).

The recent emergency use authorisation policy for digital health devices to treat psychiatric disorders revealed by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) will enable Orexo to advance the introduction of its three digital therapies this year, which will help address some of the negative impacts of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Orexo president and CEO Nikolaj Sørensen said: “The Covid-19 pandemic and resulting isolation and economic distress is likely to trigger a wave of mental health issues such as depression and substance abuse.

“With deprexis, vorvida and OXD01 Orexo can offer a range of products which could provide patients with access to quality medical devices whilst maintaining social distancing requirements.”

In August 2019, Orexo collaborated with GAIA for the development and commercialisation of new digital therapy (DTx) to treat OUD.