Stanbio Laboratory announced that its HemoPoint H2 Hemoglobin Data Management System (DMS) received FDA approved. The new, HemoPoint H2 DMS features the timesaving convenience, quality control, and recordkeeping ease of data management technology.

The new HemoPoint H2 DMS now utilizes barcode identification of operators, patients, and control intervals, as well as, connectivity to PCs via Bluetooth. 4,000 patient and 500 QC results memory also contributes to an increased level of efficiency, while still including all the features that have made the original HemoPoint H2 a trusted hemoglobin test system. The improved HemoPoint H2 DMS still includes both a hemoglobin and calculated hematocrit result with one simple test; a proprietary “soft load” cuvette holder designed to minimize contamination of the optics lens; an easy-toread backlit touch screen display – to name just a few of the instrument’s original features.

These improved features along with the new HemoPoint H2 n•x•t microcuvette, make Stanbio Laboratory’s HemoPoint H2 DMS hemoglobin and hematocrit test system an innovative and effective point-of-care device.