Natus Medical Incorporated, a leading provider of medical device solutions focused on the diagnosis and treatment of central nervous and sensory system disorders for patients of all ages, announced today that the Company signed a definitive agreement to transition its Peloton hearing screening services business to Pediatrix Medical Group.

After the completion of the transition, Pediatrix will manage all newborn hearing screening services for Peloton hospitals.  As part of the transition, Natus and Pediatrix have entered into a strategic agreement where Natus will provide its best-in-class ALGO screeners and supplies to Pediatrix to support its entire hearing screening business. Upon completion of this transition, Pediatrix will provide hearing screening services to over 500 U.S. hospitals.

“We are pleased to partner with an industry leader like Pediatrix to carry on our practice of newborn hearing screening service into the future,” said Jonathan Kennedy, President and Chief Executive Officer of Natus. “This partnership allows us to continue to supply our world-class screening devices and supplies to the hearing screening business through our strategic agreement with Pediatrix.”

“We are excited to add the Peloton customers to our existing portfolio of hospitals benefiting from our leading healthcare solutions, and we believe we can add tremendous value in these new relationships,” said Roger M. Hinson, M.D., President of Pediatrix and Obstetrix Medical Groups.

The transition of the Peloton business is expected to be complete by the end of the fourth quarter of 2019. Installation of ALGO screeners at the Pediatrix hospitals will be completed during 2020.

Source: Company Press Release