US-based MediCapture has launched MVR TouchPro, which comes with an MVR medical video recording system and a new medical-grade, 10-inch, multi-touch monitor, the MTS101.

With the MTS101 multi-touch monitor, MVR TouchPro can provide direct network and Wi-Fi connections to PACS with the ability to control surgical sessions from any location in the OR, said the company.

The new pending patent, USB-powered MTS101 monitor can be placed anywhere in the operating room due to its “plug and play” setup and simple VESA Mount functionality.

Teams can enter patient data, zoom in, edit movies, and create reports using the big 10-inch user interface.

The MVR TouchPro also has features such as full-patient workflow, a DICOM Made Easy upgrade option for quick and easy retrieval of patient information and transfer of studies to PACS, and a 4K Ultra HD upgrade option to record delicate surgeries in detail.

The MTS101 multi-touch monitor, which is bundled with the MVR TouchPro, is also available to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of endoscopy and other surgical video equipment, and it may be used with any other MediCapture MVR medical imaging system.

MediCapture president and CEO Mike Bishop said: “A versatile plug and play touch screen monitor was a highly expected add-on from our hospital and OEM customers.

“With the increasing need to manage and share video content in the surgical market, MediCapture is also working on several storage and peripheral products that will enhance its MVR systems portfolio”.

In May 2020, the company launched the TRS Pro wireless medical tablet recorder system, a new and convenient way to how surgeries are recorded and managed.