The agreement, effective May 1, 2010, makes Ablavar available nationally to all Amerinet members and was awarded based on the fact that Ablavar is the first and only FDA approved blood pool contrast agent for use with an MRA indication.

Amerinet has more than 2,500 acute care hospitals and 25,000 alternate care members in its network of healthcare providers.

LMI said that the blood pool agents remain in the vasculature for an extended period of time, increasing the brightness of blood, resulting in high-resolution images. The albumin-binding properties of Ablavar make it designed for vascular imaging because it provides an expanded imaging window, making it possible to evaluate not only the location of disease but the extent and severity of disease.

Robert Spurr, vice president of sales and marketing at Lantheus Medical Imaging, said: “We are pleased that Amerinet, one of the nation’s largest group purchasing organizations, recognises the diagnostic value that Ablavar can provide to the patients and physicians in their network and that they have entered into this distribution agreement with Lantheus Medical Imaging.

“Ablavar is clinically proven to produce high resolution images and is uniquely designed for vascular imaging, making it possible for physicians to detect vascular disease less invasively than with conventional X-ray angiography. Additionally, the product requires no radiation or iodine and can provide both first pass and blood pool images with a single, low dose injection.”