Analytical testing company LiVeritas Biosciences has announced the beta launch of its next-generation LiLii platform, a fully integrated laboratory ecosystem.

The LiLii platform uses proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) powered LiVeritas AI to simplify workflows, bring down inefficiencies, and optimise productivity for drug developers at all stages of drug development.

It is said to be a Software as a Service (SaaS) platform for analytical laboratory operations and project management.

LiLii analytical tools, in combination with an AI biopharma knowledge base, provide drug developers of all sizes with simplified data processing, analysis, and reporting through a single seamless, intuitive interface, said LiVeritas Biosciences.

According to the US-based LiVeritas Biosciences, the modular and expandable LiLii platform is designed to accelerate drug development by rapidly generating data and analytics while eliminating the need for various software packages.

On the operations front, the platform combines project management, customer relationship management (CRM), document management, and communications capabilities.

LiLii translates sample information into scientifically useful information instantly to minimise the time required for project initiation and setup. This also reduces the risk of errors that might arise from onboarding clients manually and lab-generated data, said the analytical testing firm.

LiVeritas Biosciences claimed that drug developers can process sample data using the platform at least 15 times faster than traditional techniques.

LiVeritas Biosciences co-founder and CEO Lieza Danan said: “The LiLii platform is the realisation of a holistic vision developed while I led mass spectrometry and analytical development functions in biopharma.

“Instead of fragmented tools of the past, I needed optimised, automated workflows to serve the urgent needs of various drug development functions. Our founding team has complementary backgrounds in chemistry, computer engineering, and 100+ years of analytical testing experience.

“Together, we have created a scalable, tech-enabled platform that provides end-users with the power to rapidly generate consistent, superior quality data for actionable insights that will unlock value in Biopharma Industry 4.0 and beyond.”

The LiLii platform can easily be interfaced with an existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system to directly assist a company’s strategy. It can also be integrated into any analytical testing laboratory irrespective of industry.