ChromoCure recently formed joint venture and technology sharing agreement with Genome Research Group, whose Therapeutic Modeling Protocols, together with ChromoCure’s Chromosomal Scanning Technology, further strengthens its leadership in cancer detection, therapy and cure, and puts new impetus to its Project Boveri: Finding the Cure.

The base CS300 includes the specifications such as: Fully automated cell sample preparation cycling, automated multi-patient, multi-sample cell application to slide matrix array; On-Slide direct application of DNA-probes using robotic micro-application, user-selectable chromosome probe types one probe or multiple simultaneous probes; Full integration of de-paraffinization and cellular disaggregation of tissue samples for non-cytology originated diagnostics.

The expanded CS300 feature set includes: Aneuploidy scaling and cancer progression graphing and DNA-index curve fitting; Ability to detect and store cancer progression and remission results over time; Cancer remission and progression predictive algorithms using aneuploidy scaling; Animal scanning capability using species specific DNA-probes for use in clinical trials of therapeutic models.

The other features are time based daily progression and remission scanning and analysis incorporated into therapeutic testing and model and expanded user reporting and graphing capabilities for progression, remission, and clinical outcome projection analysis.

ChromoCure said that the Chromosomal Scanner systems have proven accurate and efficient in the measurement of the unique genomic characteristic found in 100% of all cancers and never found in normal cells. The company’s detection technology has been proven to have an effective accuracy of 100% for all cancers at all stages. This is superior to other detection approaches presently relied upon by pathologists, including genetic or protein biomarker detection.