Bovie Medical, a maker of medical devices and supplies, and the developer of J-Plasma, a patented new surgical product, announced the launch of its J-Plasma® product extension, branded the Precise 360.

This new J-Plasma® hand piece has an angled and rotating tip that enables surgeons access to structures that are difficult to reach using a straight laparoscopic device.

One of the first surgeons to use the Precise 360™ is Vipul Patel, MD, a world-renowned urologist and leader in robotic surgery and a member of Bovie’s Medical Advisory Board. Dr. Patel is the head of the Global Robotics Institute at Florida Hospital in Orlando and has personally performed over 9,000 robotic prostatectomies.

Commenting on Precise 360™, Dr. Patel said, "By inserting the new angle tip of the Precise 360™ in the ancillary port of the DaVinci robot, the surgeon gains greater access, control and precision than the straight stick versions. With this level of precision, control and safety, J-Plasma has the potential to become a standard of care in a range of procedures."

J-Plasma®, Bovie’s transformational surgical product, enables surgeons to operate with greater precision on and around delicate structures with minimal thermal spread. The Precise 360™ extension builds on last year’s additions to the J-Plasma® portfolio, which included blade and needle configurations in three different instrument lengths.

"We continue to innovate J-Plasma® to address specific procedures for which it is particularly well-suited," said Robert L. Gershon, Chief Executive Officer.

"The next J-Plasma® portfolio additions will include a configuration specifically designed for use in robotic surgery, developed in close collaboration with Bovie’s Medical Advisory Board, which in addition to Dr. Patel, is comprised of two prominent robotic surgeons in the fields of cardiovascular and cardiothoracic surgery."

Bovie Medical Corporation is a leading maker of medical devices and supplies as well as the developer of J-Plasma®, a patented new plasma-based surgical product for cutting and coagulation.

J-Plasma® utilizes a helium ionization process to produce a stable, focused beam of ionized gas that provides surgeons with greater precision, minimal invasiveness and an absence of conductive currents through the patient during surgery.