Medtronic has unveiled three-month results from a multicentre randomised controlled trial (RCT) that compared differential target multiplexed (DTM) SCS therapy using Intellis platform with conventional Spinal Cord Stimulation (SCS).

The medical technology company said that its DTM SCS therapy has demonstrated superior back pain relief, compared to the conventional SCS.

The DTM therapy has resulted in 50% pain relief 80% of patients with chronic back pain, compared with 51% of patients treated with conventional SCS. The intensity of pain is measured by the Visual Analog Scale (VAS).

The clinical trial has reached its primary endpoint of non-inferiority, compared to conventional SCS, and a pre-specified secondary statistical test for superiority, and includes a 12 months post implant follow-up.

Medtronic stim and early interventions business vice president and general manager Matt Thomas said: “DTM therapy is the first tailored SCS approach intentionally developed from a novel scientific concept and demonstrated in an RCT.

“The study demonstrates that DTM therapy provides superior efficacy for patients with chronic back pain compared to conventional stimulation. Combined with Intellis, patients can access superior outcomes as demonstrated in the RCT on an unrivaled stimulation platform.”

Intellis platform offers smallest implantable neurostimulator in the world

The company said that its Intellis platform has been designed to address the constraints associated with the available SCS systems, and is optimised for a variety of energy demands to provide long-term pain relief for patients.

The platform is said to offer smallest implantable neurostimulator in the world, and is powered by the company’s Overdrive battery technology.

In addition, the device features SureScan MRI, which facilitates access to MRI, and AdaptiveStim technology, which facilitates automatic adjustment of stimulation, ensuring the right dose of stimulation is received at the right location.

Medtronic has acquired the DTM therapy as part of its acquisition of Stimgenics. The therapy is available only on the Intellis platform, and has a unique programming option to treat patients with chronic pain, based on preclinical research.

The company intends to present the results for RCT at the North American Neuromodulation Society (NANS) annual meeting, to be held in Las Vegas.