Hologic, a developer, manufacturer and supplier of premium diagnostics products, medical imaging systems and surgical products is planning to launch its 3D mammography and other new, ready-to-market technologies.

Hologic’s Selenia Dimensions technology is the commercially available breast cancer screening and diagnosis system to detect breast cancer.

Mammography systems using conventional 2D imaging have limitations caused by tissue overlapping tissue in the breast that may hide lesions or cause benign areas to appear suspicious.

In clinical studies, radiologists reading 2D plus 3D mammography (breast tomosynthesis) compared to 2D mammography alone demonstrated superior clinical performance in specificity, the confidence to rule out breast cancer without recalling the patient for further study, and also demonstrated improved sensitivity, the proportion of mammograms which include breast cancers that were correctly diagnosed.

With the recent acquisition of Sentinelle Medical, Hologic is also planning to present a suite of breast magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) tools in women’s health portfolio.