Orthobiologics company Induce Biologics USA has rolled out its NMP Strip Bioimplant for use as a bone void filler for the skeletal system.

The newly launched product is said to be an advanced cancellous bone-graft solution. It is based on Induce Biologics’ proprietary Natural Matrix Protein (NMP) process, which creates the bioavailability of the growth factors naturally found in bone by unlocking them.

Induce Biologics said that the NMP bioimplants replicate the body’s original healing capabilities to create natural bone regeneration.

NMP Strips, the newest addition to the NMP product line from Induce Biologics, have a strip design that is claimed to offer ideal handling characteristics for the retention of fluid and expansion.

According to the orthobiologics company, the strips are flexible enough to fit into any place and rehydrate fast with bone marrow aspirate (BMA), platelet-rich plasma (PRP), whole blood, or saline.

Induce Biologics has designed all the NMP products to be used as a bone void filler for filling skeletal system gaps and voids that do not directly affect the stability of the bony structure.

Every NMP product is sterile and suitable for storage at room temperature, the orthobiologics firm claimed.

Induce Biologics USA president David Campagnari said: “We are pleased to introduce this new addition to the NMP Bioimplant line.

“NMP Strip Bioimplants reconstitute quickly and are easily pliable to fit into the bony defect. Our launch of the NMP Strip format, in addition to our existing NMP Particulates and NMP Fibers, provides surgeons with another bone-graft option, utilizing Induce Biologics’ proprietary Natural Matrix Protein (NMP) process, which unlocks the growth factors naturally found in bone, making them bioavailable.

“NMP Strips are available in a variety of lengths and widths.”

The company has collaborated with tissue banks accredited by the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) to conduct tissue procurement procedures, donor screening, and processing of human bone to prepare NMP products.