The Super Exam 50 LED features the latest developments in LED technology and flexible self-balancing arms for easy positioning and allows maximum horizontal and vertical movement also suitable for floor, rail and table mounting.

The Super Exam 50 LED also provides natural color with a color rendering index of 92 and color temperature of 4000K having rated average life of 40,000 hours.

The 15-watt light source in the Super Exam 50 LED offers intensity, longevity and energy savings which provides the lighting intensity at 39,000 LUX at 24 inches without the heat and energy emitted by a 50-watt halogen lamp and also reduces surface temperature.

Burton Medical combined the LED light source with a highly engineered optical system enabling the Super Exam 50 LED to collect and concentrate the light in a precise natural white light beam.

The Super Exam 50 LED is CE marked and IEC 60601-1/60602-2-4/60601-1-2 certified supported by Burton’s five-year limited warranty.