The new interventional oncology solution will allow clinicians to provide targeted treatment for tumor lesions by sparing the healthy tissue.

With the support of the firm’s interventional X-ray systems, the new oncology solution will enhance tumor embolization and ablation procedures.

OncoSuite solution will be used for the treatment of different cancers, including bone, kidney and lung. It has specific tools for the treatment of patients with liver cancer.

The new solution features XperCT Dual for enhanced imaging and EmboGuide for live 3D image guidance of tumor embolization, as well as XperGuide for live 3D image guidance of tumor ablation.

An open trajectory function within XperCT Dual offers physicians with an enhanced visualization during the procedure of peripheral hepatic tumors, allowing to focus more on the liver.

In addition, the new solution features BTG’s LC Bead Lumi that provides real-time visible confirmation of bead location during embolization procedures.

The company is showcasing the new oncology solution at the 2016 Cardiovascular and Interventional Radiological Society of Europe annual meeting (CIRSE 2016) in Barcelona Spain. The event is being held from 10 to 14 September.

Philips image guided therapy systems business leader Ronald Tabaksblat said: “Minimally invasive, image-guided interventional oncology procedures are a highly effective option for patients who cannot be treated through conventional techniques such as surgery, chemotherapy or radiation therapy.

“Interventional oncology procedures are rapidly increasing and OncoSuite provides the first complete interventional oncology portfolio for interventional radiologists, enabling physicians to see the entire tumor and its feeder vessels to directly target treatment avoiding healthy tissue.”

Image: Philips has introduced new OncoSuite solution for advanced tumor analysis and therapy in Europe. Photo: courtesy of Koninklijke Philips.