Virtual care company Electronic Caregiver is set to unveil a 3D animated caregiver Addison, the Virtual Caregiver, to address the widening caregiver gap.

The population aged between 45 and 64 is expected to rise by 1% by 2030 and the population aged 80 and older will increase by 79%, according to the AARP Public Policy Institute.

According to the company, Addison Care has shown the way for the smart health home with Addison, the Virtual Caregiver.

Addison will monitor the health of ageing and chronically ill clients

With an endearing personality, the 3D animated caregiver has been developed to engage with and help monitor the health of ageing and chronically ill clients, as well as child patients, through touch-screen devices strategically placed across a residence.

Addison is provided with an advanced sound and far-field microphones, Intel RealSense depth cameras and several Bluetooth devices.

It offers voice-driven medication reminders and helps the patients in recording significant elements such as weight, blood oxygen levels and temperature.

Addison also allows patients to better follow their doctor’s health recommendations, as well as offers round the clock emergency and telehealth services with a single click of the button.

The 3D animated caregiver also holds the capacity to monitor behavioural health and offers rehabilitation support by showing different physical therapy exercises and respond to questions through integrated Amazon Alexa software.

The company plans to launch the new 3D animated caregiver during the second quarter of this year into assisted living and independent adult living environments.

Addison Care’s vital-tracking technology enables health organisations to monitor patients remotely, helping physicians and care team members to respond in real time and offer better outcomes.

The company already implemented the Addison Architecture to manage multiple patients with Pro Health home-based smart health hub, which monitors vitals and major health metrics.

The company will showcase the new technology at the 2020 HIMSS Global Health Conference & Exhibition, which is being held from 9 to 13 March in Orlando, Florida.

Electronic Caregiver CEO Anthony Dohrmann said: “We’re going through some cost reduction and some refinements, so we’re going to actually improve the quality, bring the cost down and we’re going to introduce something that nobody expected.”

Earlier this month, HARMAN introduced a new remote patient monitoring solution HARMAN RCP, which offers health data by connecting to different medical and non-medical devices.