Power management company Eaton has launched its smart ambient monitoring application programming interface (API) to generate smart breaker data to inform caregiving in congregate and remote healthcare settings.

Based on Eaton’s smart breaker technology, the application is designed to increase energy usage data using the company’s proprietary machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

The firm plans to grant access to the smart ambient monitoring API on a subscription basis to owners/users of its smart circuit breaker. It is currently available in the Brightlayer experience hub digital catalogue.

The application offers a digital abstract of a resident’s daily activities based on how electrical devices and appliances are used at home.

A study conducted by Eaton’s Center for Intelligent Power demonstrated that this approach’s effectiveness in home health and wellbeing monitoring is comparable to that of more commonly used technologies, like passive infrared-based systems.

The method combines sensor-based technology with energy-based data for better context for care.

Eaton digital healthcare director Christopher Berke said: “Sensor-based approaches are excellent in providing data regarding the comings and goings—general movement—of residents, but the real benefit of our approach comes from the marriage of sensor-based technology and energy-based data.

“By adding the rich data from the electrical energy that is used in a household, we can go beyond proof of life, and get into incredible detail about the activities that make up a person’s day-to-day life.

“When the data points to a trending activity that is out of the ordinary or that could indicate a potential problem, a loved one or care provider can be alerted and a decision can be made on a course of action, like a call or a visit.”

According to Eaton, the API intends to address the need for care for the growing population of senior citizens. It will also reduce the increasing shortage of healthcare workers to provide that care.

The company plans to partner with remote monitoring application providers to use smart breaker data for a more complete context for care.