Dilon Technologies has acquired the CoPilot VL video laryngoscope, an advanced airway management device developed to help providers have the best view of the airway when placing breathing tubes.

The deal will expand Dilon's footprint into the anesthesia and airway space.

"We are very pleased to add the CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope to our ever-growing portfolio of Dilon products. We welcome to the Dilon team both inventors of the CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope to guide the launch of the product line and ongoing innovations," says Robert G. Moussa, Dilon Technologies Chairman and CEO.

"Dilon's strong sales network, solid understanding of anesthesia products and firm commitment to patient care makes them a great fit for us," said Jay Tydlaska, coinventor of the CoPilot VL video laryngoscope.

The CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope is an innovative, affordable, and easy to use video laryngoscope designed to improve patient care. The CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope provides outstanding high-quality video at only the fraction of the price. 

The patented Bougie Port system solves the issue of getting the endotracheal tube "around the corner" and into the airway. The CoPilot VL video laryngoscope has been designed to get it right the first time, every time. The CoPilot VL® video laryngoscope is also portable which makes it an ideal solution for every medical setting such as anesthesia in the operating room, intensive care unit, or the emergency medical responder field.

 The CoPilot VL video laryngoscope works with the CoPilot VL® disposable sheaths, disposable bougies, and a rigid intubation stylet.

Dilon Technologies® Inc. strives to improve the quality of life by providing a wide range of innovative medical solutions that benefit patients around the world. Dilon is the world leader in diagnostic imaging with the Dilon Molecular Breast Imaging Systems, dual-head and single-head gamma imaging cameras which are optimized to perform Molecular Breast Imaging (MBI/BSGI) and localization for MBI-guided breast biopsy.

Dilon's cornerstone surgical product, the Dilon Navigator gamma probe is used in lymph node biopsy and radioactive seed localization, and is a standard of care in the marketplace. The gamma probes offer a revolutionary upgrade option for 3D Tumor Imaging and Navigation with SurgicEye's declipseSPECT camera.