The new inspection system will improve the firm’s production environment and strengthen quality policy through offering services, according to industry and regulatory requirements.

Featuring Viscom’s 3D XM camera module, the system has been developed to flexibly cover various requirements, ranging from small series production to high-volume or low-mix manufacturing.

The 3D XM camera module will help in fast inspection, with both high-resolution angled views and 3D analyses.

The company intends to install and test the S3088 set in the middle of this year at its US facility, while it will be showcased at the IPC APEX EXPO in San Diego.

Valtronic provides integrated electronic and mechanical products for global suppliers of medical implants and devices, diagnostic imaging equipment and sensitive aerospace and industrial assemblies.

Image: Valtronic has purchased new Viscom S3088 Ultra 3D automated optical inspection. Photo: courtesy of Valtronic/ PRNewswire.