Tegra Medical makes products used in orthopaedics, cardiac care, women’s health, neurology, ophthalmology, radiology, pain management, diabetes and other medical specialties. The types of procedures often include arthroscopy, endoscopy, joint reconstruction, biopsies, and drug delivery using a wide range of devices such as implants, needles, cannula, fixation systems, probes, wires, catheters, stylets, mandrels and many more.

Tegra Medical has the expertise to manufacture complete, finished medical devices, particularly those with intricate tolerances or that require combining non-traditional with common technologies. We are especially adept at keeping the “business end” sharp throughout the entire manufacturing process. And if your device needs a molded handle, we’ll “handle” that as well.

Our vast range of manufacturing technologies includes CNC milling/turning, Swiss machining, wire and sinker EDM, laser processing, CNC grinding, injection molding (including two-shot and micro molding), metal forming, Nitinol shape setting, and gundrilling. We finish, assemble, package and manage sterilization.

Our dedicated GENESIS Tech Center® resources are focused 100-percent on prototyping, development and pilot production to help launch your products quickly and cost-effectively.

In addition to manufacturing medical devices, we have over two million feet of in-stock wire and hypotubing inventory in our Quick Wire & Tubing store available for shipping within 24 hours. Secondary processes are also available.