The Brain Interchange System enables interconnection of the nervous system to external information technologies. An interchange of information is realized to modulate the nervous system.

As an investigational device, the fully implantable system is designed for both recording and stimulating on 32 channels. The system can be used in the central and peripheral nervous system to develop new therapies.

  1. The CorTec Brain Interchange system receives electric signals from the electrodes connected to the nervous system. The system then amplifies, digitizes and transmits these signals to a computing unit via the External Unit.
  2. Software on a computer collects the signals, stores and processes them and takes decisions on implant operation.
  3. The computing unit can command the implant to execute stimulation pulses which are delivered to the nervous system via implanted electrodes.

Brain Interchange ONE is the first implantable version of our Brain Interchange Technology that is available for pre-clinical and clinical research. This first version can be used to develop novel therapies for neurological diseases.

CorTec Brain Interchange ONE joins the scope of our competences interconnecting the neural system to artificial intelligence. The fully implantable system for recording and stimulation both on 32 channels enables open- and closed-loop interaction with the nervous system. As an implantable investigational device, Brain Interchange ONE is designed for both recording and stimuation 32 channels. It is intended to be used for long-term measurement of neuronal activity and electrical stimulation of neuronal tissue in the brain.