The Evaluation Kit is a bench-top-version of the Brain Interchange System. It is electrically identical to the implant, but much easier to handle. The Evaluation Kit is the ideal entrance to the clinical use of the Brain Interchange.

  1. Evaluation Kit used on the laboratory bench
    • Learn programming of the Brain Interchange & write your own Brain Interchange therapy code.
    • Check Brain Interchange properties, like recording quality, noise level, wireless link robustness, latencies, stimulation output, and others.
    • Easy access to Brain Interchange using existing lab equipment like oscilloscopes and signal sources.
  1. Evaluation Kit used in clinical setting
    • Electrode implanted with externalized leads.
    • Electrode leads connected to Evaluation Kit.
    • Check: Does your clinical hypothesis work in sub-chronic settings?
    • Is your application software usable by patients?
  1. Brain Interchange is fully implanted
    • Brain Interchange is implanted with electrodes
    • Fine-tuning of operation easily possible (algorithms run outside the implant)