Apple Rubber is the leading designer and manufacturer of o-rings, rubber seals and custom sealing devices. With 50 years of innovating advanced sealing solutions, we have the expertise to develop critical medical seals for a range of applications.

When a sealing device can make the difference between life or death, failure is never an option. Medical seals require careful design, the right materials and precise execution to help save lives. Apple Rubber engineers work with customers one-on-one, from design and prototype to production and testing, to ensure every product meets exact specifications.

Trusted Medical Seals

Today’s advanced medical technology has placed rigorous new requirements on medical equipment and devices. That’s why Apple Rubber is committed to providing quality sealing solutions that meet the highest industry standards.

Medical grade elastomers at Apple Rubber are tested to FDA USP Class VI or ISO 10993 protocols to ensure they are suitable for critical environments. The medical grade elastomers we use feature improved chemical resistance, excellent heat resistance and low permeability to gas. Our Class 10000 ISO-07 certified cleanroom allows us to consistently manufacture high quality components directly from our facility. For even greater peace of mind, our engineers can provide quality documentation from First Article for full IQ OQ PQ.

Apple Rubber develops medical parts and seals for a wide range of applications, including seals for ventilators and other medical appliances, IV components, medical pump seals, o-rings for testing consumables, feeding devices and implant materials.

Standard and Non-Standard O-Rings

Apple Rubber carries a large range of standard and non-standard sized o-rings in stock at all times. To keep up with the increasing demand of microminiature seals for precise medical instruments, we’ve developed the MicrOring®, which can be designed in over 2,000 sizes—the smallest measuring at only 0.38 millimeters and the largest reaching 1.0 mm.

Our medical o-rings feature tighter tolerances and ultra-low defect rates. With fully automated inspection machines, we can produce 100 percent inspected parts for both fine defects and size.

 Custom In-House Prototyping

Medical seals often require custom sizes and shapes. With in-house prototyping, our engineers are able to get a careful look at design details and smooth out production to avoid scheduling, budget, quality and regulatory specification risks down the line. Our advanced technology includes 3D CAD, CAM and CNC tooling to create the exact prototype you need while saving extra time and associated costs.

We carry a variety of rubber compounds in our facility that are designed for critical medical seals, including silicone, fluoroelastomer (FKM) and ethylene-propylene (EPDM). Our engineers can custom color-match the material you choose, as well as modify polymers to better suit the environmental factors of your application, such as friction or chemical resistance.