To solve the increasing demand of micro miniature sealing solutions for precise medical instruments, Apple Rubber developed the MicrOring®. A MicrOring® seal can be defined as any o-ring that measures less than 1 millimeter in either inside diameter or cross section. We offer over 2,000 sizes of MicrOrings®, the largest with an inside diameter of 1 millimeter (0.039 in) and the smallest with an inside diameter of .20 millimeters (0.015 in).

The Benefits of Medical MicrOrings®

Apple Rubber MicrOrings® feature unprecedented precision. These seals can provide tighter tolerances and added finesse required by today’s micro miniature applications. Our precise, high-speed CNC machines cut our MicrOring® tools efficiently in our in-house molding center.

Apple Rubber is a known leader in the medical sealing industry. We’ve earned the reputation of solving the toughest sealing challenges associated with intricate designs. Our competitors have recommended us for difficult micro miniature medical applications that were beyond their capabilities.

Micro Miniature Composite Seals

Apple Rubber also engineers micro miniature composite seals for various applications. These seals ease installation and reduce assembly costs by combining the structural advantages of metal or plastic with the sealing performance of a high quality elastomer. We develop our composite seals by incorporating the seal and another component in one part instead of two, which can ultimately simplify the design of your product.

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