For healthcare industry professionals and students busy trying to stay on top of the latest news on medtech developments, medical device podcasts are becoming a go-to for valuable insights into new trends, regulatory changes and expert analysis.

Watching hours-long documentaries and reading lengthy journals are time-consuming, and not the most practical ways to learn while on a busy schedule.

Meanwhile, more and more podcast hosts are featuring significant figures from leading companies in the industry.

Darren Rowles, president and CEO of manufacturing firm Sona Nanotech, explains medical podcasts, with their power of the spoken word, are an easy and efficient way to integrate learning into the routine of daily life, without compromising time or energy.

He said: “The spoken word is a much faster way to convey messages to people than the written word, and through podcasts, multiple points of view can be captured on one subject or across multiple subjects easily and in a way people can understand quickly and easily.

“Podcasts scale very well, as one long recording can easily be cut, edited and reworked to make multiple episodes over a period of time.

“Soundbites can be pulled from previous recordings and inserted into a new recording, providing depth and context to a subject under discussion.

“With multiple distribution platforms such as Anchor, iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and more, the breadth of reach for a podcast is huge, and links to specific episodes or podcast pages can easily be shared through company social media channels making it easy for the listener.

“With these platforms and the abundance of the smartphone and WiFi/data coverage, accessibility of a podcast is much greater also – it can be listened to everywhere, with minimal bandwidth required, beyond the office and lab walls.”

Here, we’ve compiled a list of medical devices podcasts, which cover a variety of topics from 3D printing software to the role of gold in diagnostics.


The Future of Healthcare

medical device podcast
(Credit: The Future of Healthcare)

The Future of Healthcare, hosted by Nathan Dollinger, a data analyst working with healthcare organisations, releases a new podcast each week on topics ranging from health and wellness to technology and healthcare policy.

It features interviews and in-depth discussions with current healthcare professionals, from physicians and nurses to biomedical specialists active across the medical landscape, to educate listeners on research and medtech discoveries transforming the world.

The podcast series puts a spotlight on numerous factors which need to change or begin, such as virtual reality (VR) in surgery and the future of technology and mobile devices in healthcare, and how it will improve patient care by talking to CEO’s and doctors.


TEDTalks Health

Medical device podcast
(Credit: TedHealth Talk Podcast)

The TEDTalks Health podcast keeps its listeners updated with the latest medical breakthroughs by compiling some of the best health-related talks from TEDTalks conferences and events.

In its episodes, doctors and researchers discuss big ideas and provide observations about new discoveries for healthcare, and how to practice sensible daily health habits.

A lot is presented in short time-frames, ranging from five to 15 minute-long episodes.

Recent topics have included an AI smartwatch that detects seizures, a new class of drug that could prevent depression and PTSD – and what could be done to prevent these diseases from developing.

With over a thousand subscribers, TedTalks Health was nominated as one of the best health and fitness podcasts at the first-ever iHeartRadio Podcast Awards this year.


Careers: On The Line

medical device podcast
(Credit: Careers on the line)

Careers: On the Line is run by Joe Mullings, founder of one of the country’s leading medical industry headhunting firms, The Mullings Group, which was established in 1992.

His organisation claims to have placed more than 5,000 professionals in the life sciences industry with over 500 client companies.

With his weekly podcasts, now over 50 series, Mr Mullings aims to provide his perspective and insight to those looking to pursue their personal careers, with his “advice rooted in three decades of career development and coaching”.

Mr Mullings has also built other businesses, including The Armory, which had world class UFC fighters and World Champion Brazilian Jiu Jitsu professionals.



medical device industry
(Credit: 3DPod)

Hosted by 3DPrint editor-in-chief Joris Peels, and co-founder Maxwell Bogue, 3DPod is a new podcast covering 3D printing and additive manufacturing.

They aim to make listeners think, reassess and get inspired through conversations diving in-to the current best practices trending in the industry and its machines, software and the technical aspects of 3D printing.

Launched this year, the podcast series is still in its early days, and has been set up for 3D printing industry insiders and experts, as well as newcomers still finding their feet in the business.



medical device podcast
(Credit: SonaCast)

The Sona Nanotech team presents interviews and discussions with special guests to cover a wide variety of topics from including lateral flow technology assessment and trends to market segment analysis, innovations and thought leadership.

Sona Nanotech is an innovative life sciences firm that uses nanoparticles called nanorods, which can carry medicine into the cells and tissues, and assist in the detection of various infections and medical conditions.

President and CEO Darren Rowles says: “Using our team and special guests, we cover a variety of topics from including lateral flow technology assessment and trends, market segment analysis, economic impacts, innovations, thought leadership, product and test design, commercialisation, regulatory barriers and events.

“Our target audience is split in two groups – anyone who operates in the point of care diagnostics arena – be that research and development scientists in the lab, production and operational teams, sales and marketing personal, product designers and c-suite executives.

“And retail and institutional investors that want to learn more about Sona’s technologies and markets that we operate in.”

Launched last month, SonaCast aims to provide greater insight and visibility of lateral flow technology and the markets that it is deployed in through its episodes such as The role of gold in diagnostics and healthcare and The growing importance of multiplexing for lateral flow assays.


AAMI Podcast

medical device podcast
(Credit: AAMI Podcast)

The AAMI’s award-winning podcast is a partnership between the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) and the studios of Healthcare Tech Talk.

The series explores present issues and challenges in healthcare technology management in the medical devices industry such as tubing misconnections, and ventilator technology, and the multidisciplinary approaches that are being used to address and solve them.

Hosts Terry Baker and Kelley Hill also discuss the importance of the the many different types of technology that are being developed, implemented and maintained with subject matter experts, to improve innovation and patient experience.

AAMI president Mary Logan said: “We have great publications; we have great educational sessions; and we have great content.

“However, people are different in terms of how they want to receive information. We weren’t maximising all of the opportunities to disseminate content on subjects people are passionate about.

“These podcasts are yet another way to help our audience learn more about pressing healthcare technology challenges and patient safety issues that have a direct impact on them.”