Dr Fadi Swaida discusses why investing in the latest dental equipment is so important for dentists looking to stand out in an increasingly saturated field


Investing in the best available dental equipment and technologies has several benefits for both patients and clinicians (Credit: Prostock-studio/Shutterstock)

New technologies are disrupting the dental industry all the time and enhancing the options available to dentists in their clinics. Dr Fadi Swaida – a dentist from Bond Street Dental, Toronto, with more than 10 years of industry experience – discusses the real-world benefits of investing in the latest equipment to meet ever-changing patient needs.


The dental profession is evolving very rapidly.

Gone are the days when dentists could simply establish a decent dental office and rely on their qualifications to attract patients.

Times have changed now, as the competition continues to increase.

The American Dental Association projects that the number of dentists in the US will continue to grow until 2037, as more dentists graduate and enter the dental market.

Unfortunately, the competition among dentists is so high that being an excellent clinician is not enough.

latest dental equipment dr fadi swaida
Dr Fadi Swaida, Bond Street Dental (Credit: Bond Street Dental)


Standing out from the crowd

To be successful in the current scenario, especially in the post-Covid era, dentists have to stand out from the rest.

In addition to having excellent clinical skills, they have to be seasoned business people and strategists.

Some dentists offer affordable treatment options to attract more patients.

In contrast, others focus on improving their facilities, such as the waiting area, or the entertainment options like the TV or the sound system.

Unfortunately, very few dentists think about upgrading or buying the latest dental equipment – an initiative that can significantly impact the success of a dental practice.


Why does the latest dental equipment matter to your patients?

Apparently, buying the latest equipment for your dental office may not seem like a profitable option for you, as your patients may not understand how the new equipment will improve the quality of their dental care.

But think of it this way; new equipment is designed to be efficient, faster, quieter, and smarter – and will allow you to provide a higher quality of service to your patients.

Here are a few reasons why you should invest in buying the latest equipment for your dental office.


Time saving

Whether it is a digital X-ray machine, an LED curing light, or a chairside milling machine, newer dental instruments and machines have shorter processing times.

The time you or your staff saves in handling this equipment can provide better services to your patients. For example, suppose you invest in a chairside milling machine.

In that case, you can design and fabricate a zirconia crown for a patient in a matter of hours, as opposed to many days, or even weeks if the same crown was prepared conventionally in the dental laboratory.

Moreover, as the technology is advancing, the latest machines are becoming increasingly automated, requiring less human supervision and allowing you to use the workforce for more essential tasks.


Quality of service

The purpose of upgrading your equipment is to save time, and enhance your efficiency and provide better services to your patients.

For example, if you invest in a cutting-edge dental laser, it will not only replace the conventional drill – which many patients dread – but also does not require local anaesthesia.

More importantly, there will be no bleeding, and the wounds will heal faster. This is something that directly affects your patients.

If one of your patients has a pleasant experience with the laser, they would recommend your practice to others looking for painless dental treatment.


Cost and energy saving

Time is money – and the time you save by using the latest dental technology, which is faster and more efficient, will allow you to focus on the all-important wellbeing of your patients.

Moreover, the time you save can treat more patients, thereby increasing your practice’s profitability and revenue.

Finally, newer machines are more energy conservative – they will utilise less power and help reduce your electricity costs, again improving your practice’s profitability.


Offering a wider range of services

As advancements are being made in dentistry, newer instruments and equipment with unique capabilities are being offered in the market.

Why not invest in a digital smile design system?

With this system, not only can you provide a wide range of cosmetic dental services to your patients, but you can also use it for treating bite disorders.

Similarly, a milling machine will allow you to design aesthetically pleasant and durable zirconia veneers, and crowns, in a matter of hours.

You may even consider investing in a conscious sedation system that will allow you to treat extremely apprehensive or uncooperative patients – the possibilities are endless.


Planning for the future

Running a successful dental business is not easy.

On the one hand, dentists have to cut costs, while on the other hand, they have to find ways to increase their patient flow.

As a result, buying newer equipment may not be on the priority list of many dentists.

But, think of purchasing the latest technology for your office as an investment that allows you to upgrade your level of clinical care while enhancing your revenue. Such an investment will pay you in the longer run.

Before you buy new equipment, however, ask yourself these questions: “Can I get by with my current equipment, and for how long?”, “what would be the projected return of such an investment?” and most importantly, “what are my financing options?”.

Once you’ve answered these questions, you can go ahead and treat yourself to some shiny new dental toys!