The StarCut Tube SL system is a up to 4-axes CNC laser cutting solution for fully-automated cutting of tubular and flat material, especially high-precision parts and implants for the medical device sector like stents & scaffolds, heart valves, endoscope & surgical instruments, hypotubes & guide wires or thrombectomy devices.

Turnkey Solution for High-Precision Cutting

With CNC-driven rotary-, x-, y- and z-axes, a solid granite machine set-up and a highly dynamic motion control system, even taper-free or offset cuts are as easy as an ultra-precise processing of oval tubes or flat parts. A new tube loading module with a side-loading magazine for tubes of 2 to 20 mm diameter and up to 3 m length allows for fully-automated hands-off production.

The StarCut Tube SL can be powered with our ultrashort pulse laser Monaco or fiber laser StarFiber FC and achieves contour accuracies on the workpiece with better than +/- 5 µm. Femtosecond lasers allow cold laser cutting of almost all metals and low-melting biodegradable polymer materials for scaffolds.

With dimensions of only 1340 mm width x 700 mm length, including all components and ancillary parts, the StarCut Tube SL sets the new standard for space optimization. It can be placed directly against the wall or another StarCut Tube SL system, as production and maintenance require access from only three sides.

Intuitive Operation

The HMI Pro integrates all user interfaces required during normal operation on a single screen. It can be operated through a keyboard / touchpad as well as a touchscreen. All relevant data for process validation, e.g. laser parameters, assist gas, user input etc. can be logged individually.

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