Choosing the correct supplier is often one of the most important factors for the success of a company. The reliability of shipments and the quality of acquired goods are initial aspects that set the course of the subsequent value chain and are some of the most important factors for production companies all around the globe. Good supplier management is especially important because false decisions made at this early stage can seldom be corrected later. What truly counts is quality right from the beginning on.

SRM.Net enables you to systematically and effectively manage all your supplier relationship matters via hard and soft facts, expressive indicator values, and system-wide data. Easily create supplier-rankings under consideration of applicable rules and regulations or use cross-modular information for comprehensive supplier management. The conclusive supplier analysis and resulting concentration on the most suitable suppliers allows you to significantly increase the overall competitiveness of your business.

You can apply freely definable evaluation criteria at all levels of the value chain in order to precisely assess suppliers and always choose the most reliable, the cheapest, or the one that supplies the best quality. Regardless of whether you wish to apply existing A/B/C supplier ratings, prefer to use freely definable threshold values, or create your own supplier-ranking methods: SRM.Net provides the utmost degree of flexibility when choosing evaluation methods or decision criteria.

SRM.Net also allows you to use all the data that is contained in your other existing IT systems for the purpose of the supplier management process. Regardless of whether data is retrieved from your ERP or CRM system our software easily integrates all peripheral systems and thus facilitates the usage of all available information. SRM.Net also contains comprehensive history functions, which allow you to view and analyze the complete past relationship to a supplier at one glance.

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