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SPI Laser Welding Systems

High process yield:
SPI fiber lasers provide a stable power output immediately from switch on, so there is no waste, even at the start of the process. In continuous wave mode, the power output is stable over time. In pulsed mode, the pulses are all identical from start to finish.

More functionality:
SPI fiber lasers can be used for a wide range of fine pitch welding operations of metals and plastics including high aspect keyhole welding and fine spot welding. The parameter flexibility alters the creation of pulse shapes and pulse trains for special welding effects.

Faster throughput:
SPI fiber lasers can be run in continuous wave (CW) mode, or pulsed mode to 100kHz. Nanosecond pulsed lasers are also available up to 500kHz, for dramatic improvements in processing speed.

SPI fiber lasers are used for welding “on demand” with no need for warm-up, so energy consumption is reduced. SPI fiber lasers are up to ten times more efficient in power consumption that Nd YAG equivalents.

Reduced down or align time:
SPI’s fiber laser is a sealed unit with no mirrors to clean, no lamps to change and no specialist knowledge required for routine support. Its very low maintenance requirement means maximum uptime, increased throughput and reduced operational costs.

Process-tolerant welding:
SPI’s fiber laser has the depth of field to allow more process-tolerant welding where material thicknesses vary of the material is not held flat.

Robot mounting options:
SPI’s fiber lasers have a very high beam quality that allows use across greater distances, facilitating robot mounting for welding into previously inaccessible areas of the piece part.