Complaints are generally rather unpleasant matters. For reasons that are initially unclear, a customer is unhappy with a delivered product or performed service and complains. But what does a complaint really mean if you see it as an opportunity? What exactly can be achieved by consistently analyzing and processing nonconformities? If efficiently analyzed and evaluated, root causes actually constitute an enormous potential for improvement – with regard to technical and process aspects as well as cost controlling factors.

Our software REM.Net enables you to turn complaints into opportunities. Use the highly-refined analytical tools, cost management functions, and methods for root cause analysis in the software in order to comprehensively screen complaints and be able to react immediately.

It’s actually quite simple: you cannot stop mistakes from happening if you cannot identify and eliminate their root causes. Use REM.Net to efficiently and systematically analyze mistakes and process violations in order to detect their causes and triggers. Identify the hidden causes of complaints and uncover potential for improvement by analyzing error concentration patterns or weak points in production. The software provides consistent support during the entire complaint management workflow. It accompanies you from the initial entry of the service request all the way to its completion and systematically yields invaluable information throughout every processing step: REM.Net accompanies you all the way from the receipt of a complaint via its initial processing to response, analysis, cost-control, and escalation management.

Use 8D reports, Ishikawa diagrams, the 5-Why method, and many other functions in the software during and after the processing of nonconformities. Thanks to its user-friendly assistants, you will always receive hands-on support by the program and will never be left alone throughout the complaint management process: all the way from comprehensive action management to customer service functions.

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