We know that, whatever area of business you operate in, the consistent training of your employees is a major key to the success of your company. Expertly trained employees, whose level of knowledge is always kept up-to-date are generally more motivated, creative, and very often contribute fresh ideas and problem-solving techniques. That is why we created our training management software Qualify.Net, which comes with a whole host of must-have functions for employee training and qualification management.

Qualify.Net is the definitive software solution for the planning, administration, documentation, and evaluation of all training and qualification matters in your company. Just a few clicks allow you to fulfil key documentation duties within the framework of ISO 13485 and create an expressive and easily maintainable qualification and training database. Not least thanks to its e-learning functions, the software enables you to tap the full potential of your employees and thus set the course for sustainable corporate success.

The e-learning functions in Qualify.Net, for instance, allow employees to directly perform self-studies and check their individual level of knowledge via interactive questionnaires and tests. The CAQ.Net® web-applications play an important role here, as they provide employees with the utmost degree of flexibility regarding their self-study – the employee himself decides what, how, when, and where he wishes to study or take part in online tests.

Qualify.Net provides effective assistance in complying with the documentation obligations demanded by official standards and allows you to unveil the often hidden potential of your employees. Regardless of whether you wish to establish and monitor the training and qualification requirements in your company or find the perfect employee for a given task: the comprehensive list of functions, logical layout, and high degree of usability make Qualify.Net the definitive tool for managing and documenting all training and qualification matters in your company.

More information on our website: https://www.caq.de/en/Software/Training-Management