Document management is about much than merely fulfilling the requirements of standards and regulations. It is about structuring and controlling company processes and production workflows. Suitable documentation and the transparent visualization of processes, responsibilities, targets, and risks directly assist companies on their way to successful business conduct.

Create, maintain, control, and archive all your documents with just one program. The document management software QBD.Net is fully embedded in your existing MS Office environment, allowing you to continue to work with the programs you are familiar with and use QBD.Net to control all document monitoring and maintenance processes. Amongst a host of other functions, QBD.Net includes sophisticated escalation management, rights management, electronic signatures, project tracking, and facilitates a 100 % paper-free documentation.

Using QBD.Net means that you can always provide sound and verifiable information with respect to your entire product history or business processes and create a process-oriented and standards-compliant document management for your company.

All documents, Word files, Excel forms, or PowerPoint files can be transferred to your QBD.Net document environment at the click of a button and existing documents can be imported directly to the position in the workflow they are required at. You can also use existing templates as basis for your new documents.

When working with QBD.Net, you do need to master any new type of editor in order to create and manage your documents – you work right in your familiar IT-environment and use exactly the same e.g. MS Office programs you use today. The document control processes are managed via a simple, MS Explorer-oriented tree structure that you are familiar with from your day-to-day MS Windows. This all means that there is no need to for extensive introductory trainings and you can work with your own tried and trusted tools right from the beginning on.

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