The Mundt WFG-III was designed specifically to provide total versatility and control for Fiber Lasers.


The Mundt WFG-III enables the operation of a Fiber Laser to its fullest potential. Through the precise control of heat input, cut quality, and weld characteristic can be improved. Cutting and welding, often required for complex parts, can be accomplished with higher precision and quality while maintaining critical material properties with Temporal Pulse Shaping.

Medical, Aerospace, and Electronics industries, among others are presently utilizing the
exquisite control provided by the WFG-III to produce components spanning a wide range of sizes and materials, with precision and accuracy.


The WFG-III provides user-defined microsecond time scale control for a laser. This function is useful for both cutting and welding applications.

The WFG-III provides the following unique benefits for a Mundt Laser Workstation:

§ The WFG-III is fully integrated into the laser system.

§ Complete flexibility in ramping UP and DOWN is provided.

§ Power, frequency and pulse width may be ramped up or down, individually or

§ WFG-III permits laser modulation as fast as the laser source can respond.

Easy to defines energy shapes can be emitted as a stream of pulses with the
desired power, frequency and duty cycle.


A single machine and laser can be used to weld tiny hypodermic tubing, weld or cut
0.25 inch steel, cut thick copper, molybdenum, aluminum and more.


Mundt & Associates utilizes its capabilities with laser technology to enable
manufacturers to produce an impressive array of the most demanding products.