Laser black marking applications for medical devices as well as other advanced marking tasks, are all simplified and automated by the new ExactMark 230 USP. This highly integrated system combines the Coherent PowerLine Rapid NX ultrashort pulse laser marker and motion hardware together with user-friendly software to produce high-contrast permanent marks on metals such as stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum as well as various plastics including PEEK/PPSU.

Corrosion-Resistant High-Contrast Laser Marking

Black marking of metals is based on nanostructuring of the surface to produce a high-contrast light-trapping layer. This marking technique is particularly well-suited to mandatory UDI marking of stainless steel medical re-usables, since the marks do not compromise passivation and resist fading and corrosion even after repeated harsh sterilization. Plus the same system marks plastics with no thermal discoloration.

Intuitive Operation

ExactMark 230 USP machines feature simplified operation compared to other laser black marking machines. Control is via an easy-to-use GUI with a 24” touch screen monitor, together with a user-friendly software suite that integrates all the laser and motion functions of the system. A library of intuitive routines streamlines the task of creating the complete recipe for each marking application. In addition, the system’s mechanical, electrical and pneumatical interfaces are all designed to enable straightforward integration with customer designed fixtures.

Features & Benefits

  • Class 1 Turnkey system
  • Highest ergonomic and safety standards
  • State-of-the-art Picosecond laser marking sub-system
  • Various servo axes for positioning, motion, and focal height adjustments
  • Easy-to-use software “Visual Laser Marker” (VLM)
  • Various options available
  • High-contrast marking
  • Permanent, corrosion-resistant marks
  • Applicable on fragile parts due to minimal thermal stress
  • Various materials from metals to plastics

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