The AutoTube Marker is a laser class 1 workstation for precision laser marks, e. g. UDI marks, data matrix codes, bar codes, alphanumerics and fiducials on high-value tubular parts, such as those commonly used in medical device manufacturing.

Fully-Automated Robotic Precision Tube Marking

The system provides a complete, fully-automated solution and is therefore an ideal solution for fully unattended production of laser marks on small tubes. This high level of automation enables the minimization of production time and overall costs for volume production.

It incorporates robotic part loading and unloading, machine vision and validation, a various choice of different laser sources from 2 up to 100 W depending on application and material (fiber laser, solid-state or ultrashort pulse), and 100 % inspection, including part length, diameter, mark contrast and content.

The system’s ability to produce high-contrast marks on both metals and plastics, without any damage to the underlying material, makes it particularly useful for marking high-value components.

Features & Benefits

The AutoTube Marker delivers excellent performance and value by combining several features, including:

  • Fully automatic part processing, from bulk infeed handling, through part manipulation for marking and inspection, to output bin placement. It supports unattended operation for up to 30 minutes.
  • 100% integrated inline inspection of part dimensions and mark characteristics, with the ability to save every part image and automatically create a statistical database.
  • Simplified, efficient setup through the use of Coherent Visual LaserMarker (VLM) software, which enables mark layout on a PC and automatic transfer of the necessary marking data to the system.
  • A choice of laser source (fiber laser, solid-state or ultrashort pulse) to deliver optimum marking results on any material; when combined with the right laser source, the system can also be used for black marking.
  • Industry 4.0 compatible for ease of integration.
  • Class 1 laser CDRH certification and CE certification for maximum operator safety.

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