Air Bearing Stages would be selected for Micro Machining tiny parts with ultrafine features. Air Bearing Stages enable high precision, as the stage “glides” on a cushion of air that allows smooth, controlled motion for PRECISE operations. Air Bearing Stage systems can deliver sub-micron accuracies. The Mundt Air Bearing Stage when paired with Ultra Short Pulse Lasers provide the ultimate micro machining workstation.

Air Stage Specifications (200 mm x150 mm)

Travel X axis _________________ 200 mm
Travel Y axis _________________ 150 mm
Maximum Speed X Axis ________ 25 mm/sec
Maximum Speed Y Axis ________ 25 mm/sec
Accuracy X Axis _______________+/- .5 µm
Accuracy Y Axis _______________+/- .5 µm
Positioning Resolution X Axis ____ 10 nm
Positioning Resolution Y Axis ____ 10 nm

Picture shows The Mundt Air Bearing Stage (in production)