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Home » pressreleases » New Two-Wire Infrared Thermometer Optris CSlaser


New Two-Wire Infrared Thermometer Optris CSlaser

Dr Ing Ulrich Kienitz, managing director of Optris GmbH informs: "The infrared thermometers of this new performance class are used for temperature measurements in wide ranges of the manufacturing industry on the product, on the machine or on the tool. More and more OEM are realizing these sensors as an essential part of their machine where the temperature control of smallest objects matters.

Opposite to many conventional pyrometers with single laser, which are only marking the center and not the real size of the measuring spot, the CSlaser comes with an innovative double sighting laser. Both of the beams are following exactly the infrared-optical path and marking exactly the real spot size at any distance. Wrong measurements will be avoided. The smallest spot of 0,5mm (2M model) is reached on the CSlaser at the cross point of both laser beams at 150mm. A variety of different focus versions allows an adaptation to the current installation circumstances.

The CSlaser will be offered initially in two spectral ranges: LT for universal measurement tasks up to 975°C with 50:1 optical resolution and 2M for all temperature measurements up to 1600°C of metals, secondary metal processing, metal oxides and ceramic materials with 300:1 optical resolution. The short measuring wave length of 1,6µm reduces errors of temperature readings on surfaces with low or unknown emissivity or with changing emissivity during the process which happens often on metal surfaces.

Additionally to the in industry widely used analog two-wire interface (4-20 mA current loop) the CSlaser offers also the possibility of sending digital data via an USB interface to a connected PC. Beside a temperature recording via the integration of this sensor into the CompactConnect software a complete programming and remote setup can be done.

The CSlaser is dimensioned for the wide supply voltage range of 5-28 V; the terminal connections are short circuit and polarity reversal protected. The emissivity can be adjusted directly on the unit as well as via software. The additional alarm output (open collector, 0-30V, 500mA) is a product feature which is seldom found on two wire sensors.

The sensor is usable up to 85°C ambient temperature without cooling and automatic laser switch off at 50°C. Optional available cooling accessories allow a problem-free use at higher ambient temperatures.

The technology company Optris GmbH is specialised in the development, production and sales of noncontact infrared thermometers. The product range comprises online sensors, portable pyrometers as well as infrared cameras and calibration sources.


Longina Becken – Tel.: +49 30 500 197 21- E-Mail: longina.becken@optris.de