Heimann Sensor GmbH is an established manufacturer of highest quality infrared thermopiles, thermopile modules (including advanced signal processing) and thermopile arrays for remote temperature measurement and gas detection. With high innovation power, Heimann Sensor is the world market leader for low pixel count infrared imaging. Our thermopile arrays also hold the world record for the highest spatial resolution thermopile array with 120×84 pixels. Besides thermopiles, our product portfolio includes pyroelectric sensors, infrared light sources and vacuum sensors.

Heimann Sensor manufactures more than 15 million sensors each year and the trend is rising.

Many of Heimann Sensors’ products are integrated in medical diagnostics, in devices for medical treatment and patient care.

New Sensors for Medical Respiratory Monitoring

As a core component of capnography devices, Heimann Sensor’s CO2 sensors help saving lives during the current COVID-19 pandemic. The company supplies a variety of gas sensors with a single channel and up to four channels, in SMD or TO-package, with and without integrated signal preprocessing. Heimann Sensor offers customized solutions including dual-channel SMD devices, smaller designs, special filters, higher sensitivity and higher level of integration with new ASICs for digital pre-processing.

Infrared Arrays for Thermography

Heimann Sensor’s infrared arrays are the core of thermal imaging cameras for observing inflammation and monitoring the progress of therapies. The company provides the world’s most advanced technology in low-cost and high-performance thermal imaging solutions. Its infrared arrays are available in a wide range of spatial resolution from 8×8 to 120×84 elements. Combined with different optics, thermal imaging with clear, instant pictures of the patient’s inflammatory response becomes possible.

Infrared Sensors and Arrays for Elevated Body Temperature Screening

The company’s sensors and sensor modules are installed in non-contact thermometers and have been proved especially valuable during the current pandemic. A large market comprises single thermopile sensors for in-ear and forehead fever thermometers but can also be applied for more precise tear duct measurements. Temperature screening systems with Heimann Sensor arrays as part of self-service platforms became widespread.

Heat and Cold Treatment

Heimann Sensor products can be found in the area of heat and cold treatment as a supplementary therapy concerning physiotherapy. Monitoring of the treated areas by single sensors or thermal imagers deliver important data for assessing the well-being of the patient and prevent damage.

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Inflammation of the knee – picture taken by a thermal imaging camera using a HEIMANN SENSOR array