Heimann Sensor has pushed thermopile array technology to the next level with an increased thermal resolution of 120×84 pixel elements. The beauty of this new array is the reduced pixel pitch, which is now 60 µm instead of 90 µm. This results in similar focal plane dimensions for both the 80×64 and 120×84 array. Thanks to same TO-8 housing and 6 pin SPI interface this facilitates a drop-in solution to replace the 80×64 with the 120×84 array. If you are already using the 80×64 array, you can just replace it with the 120×84 array to have better resolution while everything else remains unchanged except for the software.

Pre-serial samples with lens options field of view up to 120° are already available and the results are very promising as you can see on the following images.

These arrays will expand even more the possible areas of medical applications.