The ExactWeld 430 brings all the benefits of fiber laser welding to manufacturers of medical devices, electronic components, watches, and other high-precision products. In particular, it delivers high strength, small seam size, cosmetically attractive welds at high speeds, with minimal heat input to the workpiece. The system is easy to integrate into existing production lines and can optionally be equipped with a robot interface for automatic part handling.

ExactWeld 430 combines a fiber laser source, beam delivery optics, part fixturing, motion control, process gas delivery, and an intuitive user interface in a compact, freestanding, laser Class I enclosure. The result is a machine that’s simple to set up and operate, and which can weld virtually any metal. It can even join dissimilar materials.

Fiber laser welding the way you want it

The ExactWeld 430 can be configured with a variety of different Coherent fiber laser sources, enabling it to be optimally matched to each user’s unique welding processes, materials, and budget. These include StarFiber series products which can be operated either modulated or CW at average powers from 200 W to 600 W, making them ideal for high-speed conduction or keyhole seam welding. It’s also available with high pulse energy models which are well-suited for spot welding and processing of heat-sensitive parts.

These lasers are complemented with a complete selection of fixed focus optics and scanning heads to accommodate a very wide range of welding requirements. Amongst these are Coherent SmartWeld+ scanning heads – an advanced form of “beam wobble” scanning that is particularly useful for heat-sensitive materials and dissimilar material combinations.

Solid as rock

The system’s working chamber is 500 mm x 400 mm x 200 mm (LxWxH) and incorporates a high accuracy, three axis, CNC linear motion system. A rotary axis is an available option.

Both the motion and laser systems in the ExactWeld 430 are mounted on a solid granite base. This delivers the ultimate in stability and immunity from ambient vibration, and ensures the accuracy of the precision motion system.

There are several other options for the ExactWeld 430, as well. These include vision systems for alignment and pattern recognition.

Coherent provides the recipe for success

The ExactWeld 430 is an all-in-one, self-contained welding solution that can be running production parts almost immediately after installation. Coherent Labs can further support this by developing process recipes for your specific welding needs in advance of delivery. And, we can keep you running with new recipes if part specifications or configurations change. Plus, Coherent can design and produce custom fixturing.

Whether you’re assembling endoscopes, connecting fine wires, sealing pressure sensors, making watch parts, or have other demanding, precision joining tasks, the ExactWeld 430 is a cost-effective production solution you can rely on. Learn more about the ExactWeld 430.