• Long MTBA – up to 30 trays of components in a single run
  • Automated alignment, focusing, and mark verification
  • User-friendly Laser Framework software, simple to operate

The popular ExactMark family of compact laser marking systems has been expanded to support cost-optimized marking of high-volume parts and components. The new ExactMark 210 TL series features flexible tray loading/unloading and positioning, with fully automated operation, including mark QC. This means the machine can process up to 30 trays (e.g., JEDEC trays) in a completely unattended single production run, delivering a massive increase in the Mean Time Between Assistance (MTBA) compared to marking systems using segmented or flip-out tables. MTBA is a key factor in determining effective labor costs and cost per mark. The overall labor costs are further minimized because the user-friendly software means that minimal operator skill is required.

Traditionally, this level of automation was only available in custom laser marking systems which were costly to purchase and maintain. In addition to high throughput and low labor costs, the ExactMark 210 TL series also delivers marks with higher quality and consistency, compared to laser marking systems relying on manual operation. This eliminates subjective human errors in the marking process and maximizes yields.

The ExactMark 210 TL is offered with a full range of infrared lasers with outputs from 6-95 watts, enabling cost-effective marking on both plastics and metals. It is also offered with the Varia laser, enabling the laser pulsing characteristics to be precisely configured to suit different marking jobs. Plus, this new marker can accommodate parts with heights up to 40 mm, supporting both magazine and stack-type JEDEC trays.

As a result, the ExactMark 210 TL is ideal for virtually any industry needing to mark high volumes of components, including machine tools, consumables, medical devices, and electrical components.

Note: The ExactMark 210 TL is now available in the US, and will be available throughout Europe in Q4 of 2022.