Finger-print technology brings a more advanced level of precision and speed to the 50+ year old process.

Chicago, IL, June 29, 2020 —Fotofab, LLC has acquired a new CBT (Chime Ball Technologies) direct imaging (DI) machine from Technica, USA to optimize its chemical etching process and provide a more advanced level of precision and speed for thin metal parts.

The DI machine features CBT’s patented finger-print technology with LED lighting that enables Fotofab to directly plot the image onto the photoresist with best in class front-to-back registration accuracy. It eliminates the cost and time required to develop a phototool, and substantially increases the speed and accuracy of the side-to-side alignment process. This enables Fotofab to achieve a higher level of precision and tighter tolerances for complex parts with intricate features for applications in aerospace, medical, and telecommunications.

“Fotofab’s culture and mission is to be the leader in our industry by providing the highest level of customer service and best quality products to our customers. The acquisition of the digital imager is perfectly in line with our mission,” explains Charles Cohen, President of Fotofab. “It allows us to produce parts with smaller features and tighter tolerances quicker and more consistently. These attributes put us in a stronger position to meet and surpass or customers’ requirements.”

Applying new technologies to legacy manufacturing is enabling Fotofab to bring a more advanced level of precision and speed to the 50+ year old photochemical etching process. We focus on fabricating thin metal parts including RF shields, antennas, screens, and electrical contacts. Servicing engineers and OEMs in all industries worldwide.

Fotofab, LLC specializes in manufacturing precision custom metal parts to customer specifications. Parts are produced quickly and cost effectively in prototype and production quantities from almost any metal or alloy. Applications include RF shields, step lids, screens, lead frames, enclosures, connectors, and deposition masks. Lead times as short as 1 day.