Your production line team knows that laser materials processing tasks are becoming increasingly complex and demanding. Meeting quality standards often requires close control over laser operating parameters, aided by process and system monitoring functions. Plus, laser systems frequently need to communicate with other production equipment – everything from part handling robotics, to computers supplying part numbers, to ERP systems that monitor plant operations. Getting all these pieces to work together can be a challenge.

Coherent Laser Framework solves this dilemma and it’s why we’re thrilled to reveal more about it today.

Laser FrameWork is an integrated software platform that runs on all Coherent Exact and EasyMark Series laser machines, as well as many PowerLine products. It incorporates a symphony of features and capabilities, all accessible through a single interface, to enable faster job setup, higher operator productivity, fewer production errors, and reduced personnel training. These include:

  • An intuitive, powerful, touchscreen interface where users can readily specify processing, inspection, and automation steps and then combine these into complete job recipes. All through simple drag-and-drop operations.
  • Integrated process monitoring capabilities which maximize yields by detecting and identifying process variations immediately. Plus, Laser FrameWork makes it straightforward to collect process traceability data in order to meet compliance requirements.
  • Extensive machine vision options. These built-in vision systems are easily incorporated into process recipes to increase precision, reduce tooling requirements, and minimize the costs of scrap and operator errors
  • On-board system monitoring using a variety of sensors, including integrated laser beam metrology. These monitors are effortlessly included into the process flow to enhance quality and yields, and minimize maintenance downtime.
  • Extensive connectivity capabilities, including numerous communications protocols and interface options, to integrate a Coherent tool with other factory automation systems.
  • Modularity and extensibility which allow you to extend the functionality of your Coherent laser tools, as well as future-proof your system with upgrades over time.

Ready, set, go!

Laser FrameWork gives your process development team all the tools and capabilities they need to set up even the most-sophisticated, high-precision materials processing tasks. This can include defining custom laser pulse shape parameters, creating and performing complex 3D marking tasks, reading datamatrix codes from parts and then using that information to control machine operation, and more.

But, your machine operators see a simplified interface that’s easy for them to use and understand. It provides all the necessary prompts and alerts to keep production running smoothly. Or to let you know when there’s a variation or problem.

And, Laser FrameWork is the same on every Coherent machine, whether it’s a cutting, marking, or welding system. This minimizes operator training and gives you greater flexibility in how you deploy your workforce.

Laser FrameWork gives you one simple-to-use software platform for setup, operation, automation, and connectivity of laser systems, sub-systems, and applications.

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