Zynex, a provider of pain management systems and electrotherapy medical devices, said that a provisional patent has been filed for the application, which could serve a currently untapped market of safer surgeries and safer monitoring of patients during recovery.

Zynex CEO Thomas Sandgaard said that they already have data confirming the conceptual design and on-going engineering and prototyping efforts are showing very promising progress.

“At this early stage, they are also finding that this technology can be used for other applications in cardiac monitoring, and they will continue to explore those options, as stand-alone devices or combined with the blood volume monitoring,” Sandgaard said.

“We will continue to increase the staff and resources in Monitoring Solutions in order to launch an exciting line of products as soon as possible. We hope to add other complementary technologies, while we initially share some resources with the existing business of electrotherapy products in Zynex Medical, such as clinical research, quality assurance, accounting, purchasing, etc.”