The Advia Chemistry Ecstasy assay allows the choice of two cut-off values (300ng/ml and 500ng/ml), complying with both the latest Samhsa1 recommendations as well as EWDTS2 guidelines. The combination of dual cut-off and a choice of qualitative or quantitative analysis offers the flexibility of reporting in accordance with clinical utility.

Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics said that it is committed to the expansion of the Advia Chemistry Drugs of Abuse menu. Ongoing investment this year will be focused on several new assay additions to the Advia Chemistry Drugs of Abuse portfolio.

Ibti Rashid, product manager for clinical chemistry at Siemens Healthcare Diagnostics, said: “Advia Chemistry Ecstasy utilises gold standard Syva EMIT technology, providing customers with added confidence in Drugs of Abuse screening.

“The superior Syva EMIT technology has always been available on the Siemens Viva and Dimension families of systems and now the introduction of Syva EMIT to Advia Chemistry provides synergy and consistency of performance across all the Drugs of Abuse solutions from Siemens.”