The company said that it has designed the ZOLL µCor HFAMS to help clinicians improve outcomes and reduce hospitalizations for heart failure patients with fluid management problems.

ZOLL HFAMS is an FDA-cleared patch-based, wireless system that employs novel radiofrequency technology to monitor pulmonary fluid levels, an early indicator for heart failure decompensation.

In addition, its HFAMS sensor is non-invasive and allows patients to wear it 24 hours a day, while it continuously records, stores, and transmits patient data, including Thoracic Fluid Index, heart rate, respiration rate, activity, posture, and heart rhythm (ECG).

ZOLL cardiac management solutions president Jason T. Whiting said: “Despite improvements in medical therapy, 50 percent of patients hospitalized for heart failure are readmitted within six months of discharge, with the highest readmission rates occurring in the first 30 days. The ZOLL HFAMS’ remote monitoring of fluid level changes will help clinicians intervene in a timely manner by detecting early evidence of heart failure decompensation.”

ZOLL said that the HFAMS helps in early detection of deterioration in the patient’s condition, through advanced algorithms that determine patient-specific trends in the data collected by the system.

In addition, the certified technicians at ZOLL’s independent diagnostic testing facility monitor the data 24/7 and provide notifications according to pre-defined criteria.

Apart from launching the system, the company has also announced that the INTEGRIS Advanced Cardiac Care (IACC) co-director Douglas Horstmanshof has prescribed the first patient for ZOLL HFAMS.

Horstmanshof said: “The ZOLL HFAMS is a promising addition to our toolbox to care for patients in our heart failure program, as it serves the goal of reducing the chances of readmission and can therefore improve patient care.

“This device gives us insight through patient-specific data about thoracic fluid levels during a time when they are vulnerable to future heart failure events, allowing us to intervene prior to the onset of many symptoms related to decompensation.”

ZOLL HFAMS is designed for use in outpatient clinic and home settings and is advised for use with patients requiring fluid management with a minimum age of 21 years or more.