Currently, Kyma is developing a remote patient monitoring system for fluid management in a variety of patients including those suffering from heart failure.

This µ-Cor System uses radio frequency-based technology to monitor the level of fluid in the lungs. It also collects data on heart rate, respiration rate, activity, and posture, all of which are analyzed using proprietary algorithms to determine patient-specific vital signs trends.

Once a potential deterioration in the patient’s condition is identified, a notification is sent to the patient’s medical team.

"The acquisition of Kyma Medical will allow ZOLL to broaden its product offerings with additional technologies designed to improve outcomes for heart failure patients with fluid management problems, with the goal of reducing hospitalizations," said Jason T. Whiting, President of ZOLL LifeVest.

"ZOLL provides Kyma with an increased infrastructure of clinical and commercial resources that will enable our technology to reach a greater number of clinicians and patients," said Murali Srivathsa, Kyma President & CEO.

"We are very proud of Kyma’s technological achievements and are extremely pleased that ZOLL has decided to acquire Kyma," said Guy Katsav, Chairman of Kyma. "The strategic and cultural fit between ZOLL and Kyma represents the best opportunity to bring Kyma’s innovative technologies to patients worldwide."

In January 2015, Kyma announced that it had received CE Mark approval for the µ Cor System for monitoring thoracic fluid content, ECG, heart rate, respiration rate, activity, and posture.

ZOLL plans to maintain Kyma’s facilities and workforce in Israel and California as a part of ZOLL’s LifeVest division.

Founded in 2008, Kyma Medical is dedicated to the development and commercialization of innovative patient monitoring solutions.

The company has developed a proprietary technology for the detection and monitoring of changes in fluid contents, using a proprietary RF-based technology.