Retinal photocoagulation lasers are suitable to treat a variety of eye diseases, including two major causes of blindness such as diabetic retinopathy and age-related macular degeneration.

Visulas green photocoagulation laser provides uninterrupted workflow, enabling doctors to monitor important treatment settings directly from the eyepiece and change these settings while operating the joystick

Carl Zeiss Meditec ophthalmic devices global president Jim Mazzo said: “Not only is VISULAS green helping doctors treat retinal diseases and glaucoma, it’s also accelerating their daily clinical routine experience.

“With an uninterrupted workflow, doctors can work more efficiently and keep their focus on the patient.”

Zeiss Visulas is said to provide a well-organized user interface, which allows the doctor to focus on their patient completely.

The integrated data management offers user-specific treatment protocols and a contact lens database for multiple users.

Zeiss Visulas, which is developed as a modular and expandable laser workstation, is available in classic and comfort models. It can be equipped with a choice of single or dual fiber ports.

The comfort model can be upgraded to handle multi-spot photocoagulation with the Zeiss Vite option to reduce treatment times.

The next-generation ophthalmic laser shows the automated treatment parameter summary instantly after the procedure.

The treatment summaries can be transferred to Zeiss Forum, which is the firm’s eye care data management system, to prepare a paperless laser treatment report.

Carl Zeiss Meditec president and CEO Dr Ludwin Monz said: “At ZEISS, we are committed to advance eye care by connecting the patient data every step of the way.”

Carl Zeiss Meditec provides advanced technologies and application-oriented solutions, including implants and consumables, to diagnose and treat eye diseases.

The firm is engaged in the development of innovative visualization solutions in the field of microsurgery.