XRF Scientific has signed a purchase and supply agreement with PANalytical, whereby XRF Scientific has contracted to supply sophisticated laboratory equipment.

The agreement contemplates worldwide exclusive distribution by PANalytical of specialised sample preparation equipment, designed and manufactured by XRF Scientific’s subsidiary Automated Fusion Technology, based in Melbourne, and headed by general manager, Steve Prossor. Manufacturing of the sample preparation equipment has already commenced.

The agreement expects to form the basis for a long term and successful relationship with PANalytical.

XRF Scientific said that the sales forecasts, and the full market potential for the equipment have not been formalised, however the company is excited by the prospect that equipment it has designed in conjunction with the highly-regarded PANalytical will be branded ‘PANalytical’, and be marketed worldwide.

The agreement also includes mutually developed and shared intellectual property which is the culmination of more than one year of both technical and commercial discussions between XRF Scientific and PANalytical.