Omnipod 5 is Now Fully Available through Retail Pharmacy Channels


Omnipod 5 is the first tubeless AID system in the U.S. that integrates with the Dexcom G6 CGM system to help protect against high and low glucose levels. (Credit: Insulet Corporation)

Insulet Corporation, the global leader in tubeless insulin pump technology with its Omnipod brand of products, today announced its Omnipod 5 Automated Insulin Delivery (AID) System (Omnipod 5) is now fully available through U.S. retail pharmacy channels for individuals aged six years and older with type 1 diabetes.

“With the significant demand for our tubeless AID system and impressive clinical outcomes, we continue to expand access to Omnipod 5 and provide a best-in-class experience to more people with type 1 diabetes,” said Bret Christensen, Insulet Chief Commercial Officer. “Through our team’s learnings from the limited market release, we have met our timeframe and goals. We are thrilled to announce that Omnipod 5 is now fully available through retail, specialty, and mail-order pharmacies to anyone with a prescription and coverage.”

Omnipod 5 is the first tubeless AID system in the U.S. that integrates with the Dexcom G6 CGM system to help protect against high and low glucose levels1. It is also the only tubeless AID that offers the option of using a compatible smartphone2 or the separate Omnipod 5 Controller, which is provided to every customer. Insulet is continuing to expand its list of compatible smartphones to make this option available to as many people as possible who are living with diabetes.

“Omnipod 5 has been such a life-changing technology. My patients and I have seen significant improvement of their time in range with no overnight lows and much less work required,” said Dr. Anita Swamy, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern Feinberg School of Medicine; Associate Clinician, Pediatric Endocrinology, Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago; Medical Director, Chicago Children’s Diabetes Center. “It has given parents and other caregivers more peace of mind, especially overnight, and that’s priceless. People no longer have to make trade-offs between outcomes and a better lifestyle fit because it’s a tubeless AID.” She continued, “Many have told me that they have been extremely happy with Omnipod 5 and are feeling a new sense of freedom. I can see why there has been tremendous demand for this product!”

Marston Alfred, who made the switch to Omnipod 5 from multiple daily injections, said, “Having been on insulin pens for decades, I’ve had to deal with the roller coaster of blood sugar levels. Since starting Omnipod 5 as my first insulin pump, my glucose spikes have disappeared and it’s the first time in my life I’ve had weeks of consistent 80%+ time in range.”

Alfred said he can’t remember the last time he had a low blood sugar, and that his energy and focus have also significantly improved. “It has changed my life,” said Alfred.

Omnipod 5 and Omnipod DASH are the only insulin pumps available through the pharmacy channel, which eliminates the high upfront cost and four-year lock-in period that is typical with the traditional Durable Medical Equipment (DME) channel, making it simpler for people with type 1 diabetes to access.

Source: Company Press Release