Xenomics, Inc. announced that a novel gender prediction test will be offered shortly as a service to expectant mothers who are interested in learning the gender of their baby as early as the 7th week of their pregnancy. This service offered would be much earlier than the availability of other reliable ultrasound results. This prediction test is based on the detection of male-specific Y chromosome sequences in maternal urine using the company’s proprietary technology for the analysis of Transrenal DNA (Tr-DNA). This prediction test service is designed and offered solely for an expectant mother’s information and does not provide any medical diagnoses or guidance. Expectant mothers can order a test kit to the company containing materials and instructions for the collection of a urine sample. This collected sample is then submitted to the company for analysis. The company will report the predicted gender of their baby, as indicated by its test, within 5 to 8 days of sample submission. The company plans to initially offer its test solely on a direct-mail basis through its website. Xenomics has also contracted with Simbiosys Biowares of Dallas, a clinical laboratory, for certain analytical laboratory services in support of its testing operations. Xenomics has previously announced the data on its test from a collaborative project with Dr. Warsof of Eastern Virginia Medical School. In this study of 173 pregnant women, the Xenomics test detected male-specific Y chromosome sequences in 95.1% of women pregnant with male fetuses. In the limited number of urine samples collected in the first trimester, the test was 100% sensitive. As discussed in the study, because of the potential for false-positive results, care must be taken by the mother during sample collection to minimize the risk of introducing male DNA from other sources. The study entitled “Optimization of Transrenal DNA Analysis: Detection of Fetal DNA in Maternal Urine” was authored by Shekhtman et al.