Freudenberg Medical, part of the Freudenberg Group and a global contract manufacturing partner to the medical device and pharmaceutical industry, has added a support team in India for customer sales and service to the region.

Freudenberg is committed to serving medical device and pharmaceutical customers also present in Asia Pacific region with local operations in China and Singapore.

Freudenberg Medical designs and manufactures the HelixMark® and PharmaFocus® Premium brands of silicone tubing for vaccine and drug processing, as well as custom tubing for oxygen concentrators, ventilators, catheters, and other medical devices.  The company also provides contract design and manufacturing for medical devices, molded components, and diagnostic test kits for customers worldwide.

“Freudenberg Medical is oxygen for the pandemic,” said Georg Graf, Freudenberg Regional Representative, India. “We are manufacturing tubing in a cleanroom environment and have ample production capacity in two dedicated production facilities in US and Europe. Freudenberg has increased speed of production to supply much needed tubing to our customers globally.”

“Our team in India was able to act quickly to get customers the tubing products they need to support oxygen concentrators, ventilator production and global vaccine processing.” said Falgun Jani, Head of Sales for India.

Source: Company Press Release